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Can I come the day before to decorate? 

If we do not have an event the day prior – you may do so.  However, you do not want to put linens or floral arrangements out the day before (humidity, dust, pollen, wind, and even a song bird could negatively impact linens). A staff member must remain on site while you are present. Otherwise, you may send a decorating team 9:30a.m. the ‘day of’ to do your set up.

Can I rent a bus/limo/luxury coach and have it stay during the evening hours to escort guests to their hotel? 

Absolutely. Bridle Barn and Gardens has had luxury coaches, school buses, and Hummer Limo’s on site. We can arrange a great spot for the vehicle to remain.

Do you have outdoor power? 

Yes, do we ever! We have many areas of outdoor power which can power everything from large brew trailers, to lit tents and music on the wedding hill.

If we want to take down tables to clear part of the barn for the after dinner dance, how do we do that? 

Our BB&G staff will dive in to assist your friends. Tables and chairs can be removed very quickly. You appoint a team to help with set up, tear down and basic clean up – and our staff can help if time allows.

I have an elderly Grandmother who needs helps getting to the wedding hill. Can you assist?

Absolutely!  We have two staff driven golf carts. If you identify guests who need assistance, and special times when they need transport - we will be there to make sure all guests are treated with excellent care.

Can you notify me when a special guest arrives?

Yes. During your event, all staff members are connected via radios. It allows us to communicate effectively and quickly. At the beginning of your event, all staff will be helping to direct parking, and transporting your guests via golf carts. A special Ambassador greets all guests at the entrance to our driveway to determine appropriate parking for each guest. We communicate via radios – so if you need to be alerted to a special arrival – The Ambassador will radio the house attendant (where you will be getting ready) upon their arrival.

Can you recommend good caterers or other vendors? 

Absolutely. We only want the very best experience for our clients, and therefore, can help direct you. You might also check out our Preferred Vendor site on our website. It is currently being constructed. We do not allow ‘any’ vendor access, but only vetted ones.

Till what time can guests stay on site?

It varies by the day of the week, and situation. The very latest is midnight (Friday or Saturday evening), or 11pm Sundays.

Can we have live flame in the barn?

For your guest’s safety and protection of our historic barn, we cannot have live flame in the barn or on the deck. However, faux candles are lovely and heartily recommended.

Shall we figure your staff in when ordering catering?

You may, but it’s not necessary. Our staff is professional and well trained not to participate in your event, but rather help to oversee it. Should you have extra food left over and wish to offer it to our staff, we will accept your gracious offer, but not within the barn or event area.

Is there an area for Groomsmen to get ready in?

Yes. We have a darling carriage house next to the barn that is our staff office. The groomsmen may change in the carriage house. Please have them store all items in their cars or farmhouse after getting dressed. The carriage house is used for staff during your event.

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes. The new GrandStay Hotel in Mount Horeb offers 60 rooms plus shuttle. In Verona (15 minutes) – Holiday Inn Express. See NCG Hotel Group (Preferred Vendor) for Madison/ Middleton hotels including Marriott, Hilton Garden Inn, Residence Inn, Hampton Inn and Fairfield.

What does your staff do?

The staff’s main priority is guest safety and accommodation. At the beginning of your event, they are quite busy directing parking and offering guest transport via golf carts. During the event, they are assisting guests (transport), answering questions, cleaning bathrooms every 30 minutes, and assisting your team in regards to tables and chairs. They can assist with coordination, timing and some décor logistics when not taking care of their other duties.

Can we have a cash bar/sell alcohol?

No. No cash bar or alcohol sales. You will also need a licensed bartender to control the alcohol. Please make sure to review all rules with any people planning your wedding so they understand no alcohol will be sold. Do not have a family member tending the bar, as the bartender may not leave the bar unattended at any time. Alcohol includes beer and wine.

Who may use the farmhouse bathroom?

The farmhouse bathroom is reserved solely for the bride, bridesmaids, two mothers and two grandmothers. Please be sure to explain to all family members the restrictive nature of the farmhouse bathroom (due to septic). The house attendant will have a list of names approved for bathroom usage and will not allow exceptions.

What other bathrooms will guests use?

Guests may enjoy five newly completed  bathrooms (private room design) each with a mirror & artwork located next to the barn. One room is oversized for ADA compliance and offers a full length mirror. Charming sink station, elegant coach lantern lights and white rope lit railing add to the function and ambiance.

What time may we arrive the day of the event?

Generally, we look to have staffing arrive at 9am, and the bride & bridesmaids to arrive no earlier than 9:30am. Management will work with you on your plans.

What if hair/makeup needs to be done early in the morning?

We strongly recommend if the entire group of bride and bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup done – to meet at a salon where multiple technicians can work with the group. Otherwise, hire multiple technicians to meet you at the farmhouse beginning after 9:30am.

Since this is a semi-outdoor venue, does it matter how many I invite?

Yes, we do not host events over 250 people. Large events will need a tent set up adjacent to the main brick entry to the barn (Event Essentials is our sole provider). We limit event size so that we have a good staff to guest ratio as well as adequate parking.  

Can we have vendors deliver items the day before our event? 

We will work with you and your vendors to find a good time for delivery. If another event is happening the day before, then no deliveries can be made unless they are small objects that can be stored out of sight. Please keep us in the loop in your planning.

What time does music need to be shut off?

Dane County ordinance permits amplified music until 11pm, so, to be in compliance, we look for DJ’s and bands to turn off music by 10:45pm (Fri/Sat) or 10pm (Sun). Guests may remain till midnight on Fri/Sat events, and 11pm on Sundays.


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