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Welcome to The Bridle Barn & Gardens!

Pictures can only tell a partial story, so we look forward to arranging a personal tour for you. There’s nothing like walking the paths, strolling thru the gardens and seeing the farmhouse and barn first hand, to help you im­agine your special event being held within this charming setting. We’ve devoted love and great energy to creating not just an amazing barn venue, but an entire multi-acre garden-sanctuary. We think you’ll agree that there is no other barn and grounds comparable to The Bridle Barn & Gardens!


Robin and Pamela


​The Setting


The Bridle Barn & Gardens is nestled in picturesque “Blue Valley” with views of the surrounding wooded hills, fields and gardens.The historic barn and house  (c1870) are original to the farm. Beautiful gardens have been created in the rich soil of the former horse pastures and corral.


While this scenic location is tucked away from major roads and busy traffic, The Bridle Barn & Gardens is only 25 minutes from Madison and 15 minutes from Verona. Your guests can find easy over night accommodations as well as enjoying local shops, restaurants, and top Wisconsin tourist destinations.

The Barn


This amazing c1870 wooden barn with a stone foundation reflects the era in which the local craftsmen constructed it. The barn was constructed using a post and beam construction method. The original settlers who built this amazing structure, during a time without power tools, have left their calling cards upon the beams. Tools leave their trace like a finger print, forging permanent lines upon the old wood. These marks, still visible after 145 years, reveal the types of tools used by our forefathers, and stand as testimony to the strength and resourcefulness of the original settlers.


Today, craftsmen who renovated the barn had a focus on preservation, safety and enhancement. The mantra of their work is to "discard nothing - preserve all." After all, this is an authentic piece of Wisconsin's history and preservation is key.

Beyond The Barn! 


Gardens, gardens and more gardens. We understand that you are seeking more than just a venue for your special event. The entire setting is what ultimately creates pure magic for your special day and the enjoyment of your guests. Your photos will be made all the more memorable with many stunning garden backdrops as well as century old trees. You and your guests will enjoy multiple garden areas:  90' European inspired strolling garden with center fountain, country perennial garden, tiered stone wall gardens, Rose gardens along the carriage path, Phlox garden, and Rose gardens at the top of the wedding hill.

Let’s Count the Benefits!


The Barn


1.    Authentic historic wooden barn c.1870.

2.    Six massive chandeliers light the barn interior.

3.    Three large ceiling fans keep air circulating.

4.    Elegant coach lights with seeded glass on the barn exterior.

5.    Glass doors onto deck.

6.    Deck staircase (South side) to formal strolling garden.

7.    Deck ramp (North side).

8.    White sheer draping at barn entrance.

9.    White decorative lighting around tiered garden walls.

10.  White decorative lights wrap the old barn posts.

11.  Brick seat walls at main barn entrance for your guests to enjoy.

12.  Brick herringbone floor entrance area.

13.  Extensive power/electrical  for all your technical needs.

14.  32'x20' huge outdoor deck with coach lighting & access to gardens.

15.  Large urns at entrance provide a dramatic floral display.

16.  Foreman office/client meeting space.

17.  First aid supplies.



The Farmhouse


18.  Spacious living room for your family to relax in (pre-wedding).

19.  Fully appointed kitchen.

20.  Sun porch.

21.  Bridal chamber with crystal chandelier, canopy bed, full length mirrors, & vanity table which is beautiful for pre-ceremony photos.

22.  Bathroom with double sinks.

23.  Large dining room.

24.  Private patio for relaxing.

25.  House attendant will remain in home.



The Gardens


26.  Double tiered, stone block walled gardens next to barn – filled with boxwood, roses, tulips, white hydrangea and giant hostas.

27.  90' formal strolling garden (south side of barn) with a center fountain, formal pathways, and benches along with eight large separate beds provide an abundant floral display.

28.  Country perennial garden – filled with a mixture of bright yellow False Sunflower, Cup flowers, Purple Liatrus, and White Japanese Chrysanthemum, and Tulips.

29.  Phlox Garden – the name says it all. Directly to the East of the enlarged deck, you will view anamazing array of Phlox.



The Bonus Extras


30.  Rose Gardens – Everywhere! Follow the wide, serpentine path up the wedding hill and enjoy the amazing rose gardens that line the path. Roses are also featured on top of the wedding hill in two large beds.

31.  Huge Wedding Hill Pergola – Antique scrolled wrought iron top with four large wooden, rustic posts, 8' long x 7.5' deep. Views of valley & pond.

32.  Historic ‘1700s road’ wedding aisle with natural tree canopy.

33.  Large park-like brick outdoor grill (six feet long!).

34.  Enchanting black horse carriage with double tufted seats.

35.  Parking lot area with attendants.

36.  Site manager and staff to assist with your event.

37.  Elegant equestrian themed private guest bathrooms.



Decor Items


38.  We've been collecting items that are available to use for your celebration.

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