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The Gardens

As all great creative projects at times can get a bit out of hand, this one too has grown some legs. The modest idea to turn our old horse pasture into a beautiful lawn and maybe plant a few flowers, has grown exponentially.

First, our son, Alex pointed out that the flat spot on top of the hill beyond the barn would be ideal for weddings. Sure enough – it offered an amazing view of the hills surrounding Blue Valley as well as a tranquil pond in the distance. In addition, the old ‘historic road’ dating into the 1800’s would provide an amazing natural wedding aisle.

Over the summer of 2013, we’d collect beautiful flowering shrubs and flowers from generous friends, greenhouses, and private gardens in the area. Robin temporarily planted them all in the old horse corral. One day he said, “You don’t really need a shovel to plant in the corral. The soil is so loose and rich, you really only need your hands!” Well, that was all I needed to hear to change that area from what was supposed to be a parking lot, into a 90 foot strolling garden! Wasting rich soil, courtesy of 43 years of horse droppings, seemed a crime. So, in that instant, the parking lot area was relocated and the formal strolling garden took off. The strolling garden grew to be 90 feet long by 45 feet wide. We designed it with wide paths so guests can leisurely stroll amongst the eight large garden beds. The length also provides for a beautiful view from the large elevated barn deck. Whether you just need a quiet moment to yourself, a beautiful photo opportunity next to the three tiered fountain, or a romantic place to stroll hand-in-hand, you’ll find the strolling garden to be the perfect spot.

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