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Bridal Show this past weekend

What a whirlwind weekend it was for all of us interested in all things 'bridal'! I attended the bridal show at the Alliant Center to catch up on all the newest trends, and forge some great new relationships with other businesses I know we will work with in the coming years.

My talented graphic designer, Ann Shultz (AJS Designs) joined me along with a dear friend, Kathy, and we ooohed and aahhed along with the rest of the crowd. Nearly every facet of the wedding world was represented in exhibits so plentiful that we ran out of energy before seeing them all.

Let them eat cake! And so we did. Again and again. The samples were out of this world. I'd have to say the bakers on hand were unbelievable. Truly, their cakes were like edible art. I was impressed by the level of cake decorating that was shown at this show. One baker had icing that looked like satin folds cascading down the side. It was so beautiful, I had to just stop and stare. But more importantly, the cake samples we tried were like sweet edible velvet.

Can I say it here (we're among friends, right?) that the frosting was so good that you really could imagine yourself grabbing a piece of cake and then locking yourself in the bathroom so you could savor every bite! Ok. Confession time. My dear friend, Debbie, makes a coconut cake filled with lemon curd that's to die for! And I once (only once) fleed to the bathroom so I could immerse myself in each rich, succulent bite instead of defending it from the invading fork of my son. He had already eaten his two pieces (in a row), and had begun to eye my single piece. It wasn't my finest moment as a mom. As my son banged on the door and laughed in astonishment, I enjoyed each and every bite. Back to the show. The samples reminded me of that 'hide in the bathroom" moment. The frosting I tasted on every sample was pure heaven! Not too sweet, and very creamy. Decadent.

On to the floral folks. Well, just like the bakers, the florists have ramped up their game over the years too. Gone are the stiff, predictable arrangements. Now they're elegant, wildly creative masterpieces. The photo on today's blog is of an arrangement created by Pioneer Floral and Greenhouse in Wautoma, WI. Their designer, Jay, is in the Madison area. He created this masterpiece. Jay is not only talented, but also warm, and energetic.

Don't tell my husband, but I found so many beautiful ideas at the show, that I may need to reserve our own date for a wedding 'do-over'. You can bet I will have one of those cakes on hand wth the creamy frosting. Just for me.

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