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Regulations! Regulations! Regulations!

"Have barn - will do events" seemed like a fairly simple desire. Easily achieved with a bit of work. Nothing could have prepared us for the year long process that faced us. As they say, 'Ignorance is Bliss', as I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have done this had we known all the hurdles at that time.

But, alas, I'm so glad we did get thru the three layers of government approvals, as the effort was worth it.

Oddly enough I can honestly say that we've met some really great people along our red tape journey. I believe, they all know me by first name now, and when they see me walk thru the door, I can detect a subtle smile and a chuckle just lurking under the surface. Most were very helpful and sympathized with our confusion in trying to navigate thru the red tape maze. Many were equally confused about the next steps needed beyond their department. All were helpful though, and most spurred us on when weariness reigned supreme.

Many thanks to the Town of Blue Mounds officials who are rather like family to us now. Many thanks also go to the folks at the county level, whose assistance and mentoring moved us forward.

It's one of those stories that you promise yourself, "I will laugh about this someday". So far, 'someday' hasn't yet arrived, but we're thrilled to have made it to the other side!

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