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Our Gardening Goal

Well, it started out with a modest goal to transform an old horse pasture into more grass than weeds, add a small path up to a beautiful wedding site, and perhaps, plant a few flowers. I'm not sure a decision was ever really made to add extensive gardens, but that's what happened. Inch by inch - or perhaps I should say acre by acre. It's sort of like deciding you'll clean out a closet at home and before you know it - you've purchased a new dining room set and added a screened porch! Truly. It happens.

However it happened, it did so one plant a a time. I confess that I am a bit of a flower-addict. I cannot go into a beautiful nursery and walk away empty-handed. If one plant is lovely, just imagine what nine would look like? And of course, we all know the rule of planting in odd numbers. Apparently, my vulnerability rests in ' large' numbers as well.

As the weeks of constant gardening and 'power planting' went by, I could finally see the benefit of my gardening muse. In nearly every direction I faced, the eye would rest upon something beautiful.

I will be sure to update photos as these gardens grow, spread and become what they were intended to be : Magnificent.

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